Pop up Tents – Best in the Market

If you get fascinated by adventures, trekking or travelling to exotic and rather remote locations, this article is definitely going to help you. When people trek to a location where there are no proper lodge or hotels, it is indeed a challenge for the group or the individual to find shelter.  Over the years, as we all know ‘Tents’ have been a friend to such adventurers.

But there are various types of tents that you should know about, which will certainly help you before you start packing for your next trek. The sizes of tents are various and we will try and explain in brief about all the different sizes of the tent and their quality. Some people want a tent where only one can fit in while others might want tents so that the entire group might fit in.  Let’s get through our best pop up tent reviews.

Best Pop up Tents available in the market- best pop up tent

1)       Lucky Bums Quick and Portable – This is perhaps the most used tent, generally used by people who love to travel alone.  This is a small but again comfortable enough for a single person.  But there is one drawback if you are using this particular tent – if it rains, this tent will be of no use to keep you dry.  But if you are travelling to a place where there are no chances of rain, you can consider this option.

2)      Hui Lingyang Outdoor Dome – If you are travelling  alone this is perhaps one of the best options you can consider for a tent.  It is a rather small tent but a compact one where one can fit in very easily. The best part about this tent is that it is rather cheap and will hardly cost around 80 Dollars. This tent is also water resistant, so keeping yourself dry is an easy option for the traveller

. So, the ones who are travelling solo can actually consider this option.

  • Coleman Instant 4- Person – Travelling with a group of 2-4 people? Wish to get a tent that is good enough in quality and the building structure?  You should actually look at this model then. It is easy to open the tent and it can easily fit in around 4 people.  If you are going to a rainy place with a group of 2-4 people, this should be your option.

4)      Core 9-Person Instant Cabin – If you are travelling  with a rather large group, say 5-8 people and you all want to accommodate in the same tent, this is a good option.  It is durable and can easily accommodate around 8-9 people.  It is spacious and no one will face any issue regarding the spacing of the tent.  But again if you wish to have a tent for 9 people, it will automatically be a bit heavy.  So this tent is quite a heavy one, weighing around 30 pounds.  But again the comfort it provides, it will make the users forget about the weight.

These are the best options of pop up tents available in the market that we can choose from. Now travelling won’t be a hassle like before. We can now travel comfortably without thinking about the accommodation problem. Pop up tents are the life saviours for travel freaks.


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