Knowing further on the tb351 eago model

Briefing on the brand

Eago brand of sanitary products might not be one of the most sought after brands in the market when compared to some of its powerful and branded competitors, but still, it has caught the public limelight owing to the innovations and make of its models that have earned a string of positive feedback from the customers. Some of the plus points in the models include the aesthetics, design, technology, and cost of the series. This article elucidates further about one of the famous toilet models of the brand, tb351 eago that created a breakthrough in the market.

The model specificationsEago Tb 351

The following are the basic model specifications of TB 351 Eago: –

  • The weight of 92 pounds that aids in easy portability and installation of the same at the new locations
  • Product dimensions of 26.6*15.1*26.6 cubic inches that meet the desired levels of the human ergonomics and hence adds to the comfort of the users
  • Make of porcelain material that can endure fluctuating loads and can be floor mounted easily during the installations
  • Water consumption of 1.6 GPF and having the provision of a dual flush system
  • Limited warranty over the porcelain parts of the model and 1 year over the flushing mechanism of the model

Features of the model

The following are the features of tb351 eago that have made it a breakthrough in the market: –

  • Innovative hinge system in the toilet seat that helps in gently putting down the seat and hence not creating excessive noise during the slamming of the same
  • Implementation of ultra-low-flush toilet that has high efficiency in saving the water and utilizing the least possible water for the waste disposal from the system
  • A one-piece toilet that adds to the elegance and comfort for the bathroom and also helps in easy installation in newer homes, rather than going for the complicated conventional methods
  • The finely glazed and perfectly finished product that can be maintained easily by the customers and hence maintain its luster even after the repeated uses
  • Efficient 3-inch flushing valve that improvises the waste disposal system and also the water conservation techniques by tb351 eago
  • Wide water surface to prevent spreading of foul odors and maintaining the proper balance for the water distribution in the system
  • A wide aperture for the jet hole that can flush out the contents easily and not accumulate the same for longer times
  • Economic costs of the model that can enhance the overall affordability of the product amongst the customer segments

Buying the model

Procuring the model of tb351 eago from the market can be done by either of the two steps- an offline chain of stores available in a large number of cities or online forums of the brand. Hence, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that though the brand is not that sought after, but the products are indeed worth an investment due to their top-notch features that can give a tough competition to the known brands of the market.



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