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About Hobart Handler-140

Hobart has manufactured Flux-core/MIG Hobart Handler-140 welder which is also most famous among all kinds of welders. It is worth every penny. The 140 also consists of MIG gun with a size of 10 foot, gas hose attached with regulator and a wire of flux core’s spool. As a piece of equipment, one needs safety ones, a cylinder filled with gas, to get ready for MIG welding.

One can weld all kinds of material whether it is thinner or thicker with a maximum width of 1/4 inch as in thickness. And it is easy to use and also gives user complete control of the speed of wire feed to make adjustments according to needs. It gives a maximum of 140A of output. It also provides enough duty cycle for any project related to houses like 20% of 90 amps. It can be used to weld exhausts of a motorcycle, work on fences and auto parts. It can be used anywhere with a power plug of a voltage of 115v.

cons of Hobart Handler 14o,

Cons of Hobart Handler 140 include:

  • Difficult to port or move

It cannot be used without connecting to a power supply and places where power plug is not used needs generator and it is difficult to connect it to a generator.

  • Shorter leads

For some welders, leads should be long enough to use it more efficiently.

  • Difficult to feed the wire smoothly

To weld with wire of flux core one needs to establish a smooth wire feed but according to some welders, it seems too difficult to do so. As in some cases, the wire gets stuck.

  • Extra needs of the gas cylinder

A capacity of the 140 is not enough to complete the welding with its cylinder. So, one needs an extra cylinder which costs extra money and extra efforts to carry it along with 140.

  • Only for lighter jobs

The 140 is not capable to do jobs of industries. As it can only carry out lighter jobs like fencing or welding thinner or thicker material only up to a width of 1/4 inch. One can say it only works through independent and small operations instead of operations which are carried out in industries where operations are full-fledged. So, it cannot be used everywhere and every time.

  • Require a cart always

One needs to carry it and if it needs to be carried out everywhere then one needs to have a cart to move it which is an additional cost and efforts.

  • 110-volts

In some cases, usage of 110-volts of power is not enough

  • More expensive

It can cost more to welder than the same machine operated on gas as at some place electricity is costlier than gas.


So, one can say that Hobart Handler 140 is enough for household activities. But it cannot fulfil industrial needs.  And also, with all the cons of Hobart Handler 14o, it can be said that it is made with the intention to carry out all the basic activities that a human face in daily life. And since it is easy to use so one does not need to be professional to use it.

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