How to Decide Which Solvent to Use for Gun Cleaning

There are hundreds of solvent types available in the market today and deciding the best one can be daunting at times. They come in different size and packages. During the process of gun-cleaning, treating the gun parts with the right solvent is a fundament step. After removing the moisture, it is required to clean the gun with the solvent. In this article, we emphasise on what makes a solvent an ideal one for use. Then we elaborate some of the most widely used solvents around the globe.

Basically, solvents are carbon containing chemicals essential

  • For cleaning the surface made of metals, plastic, wood, etc.
  • for removing the dirt
  • for cleaning away the debris
  • for cleaning the bore and
  • to dissolve the fouling


Features of an Ideal Solvent


It is often argued that ideal things do not exist. However, we have plenty of solvents which are close to having some or most of the features that are described below.

  1. Capable of cleaning all the three contaminants (lead, copper, and carbon) in gunfire- A good solvent should be capable of cleaning atleast two of these contaminants. It is best if they can handle all three.
  2. High performance- the solvents that clean well and come with advanced formula give a high performance as compared to others
  3. Free from bad odour- either go for odourless solvents or the perfumed ones. The solvents with bad smell can be as irritating as anything else.
  4. Environment friendly- biodegradable solvents that are environment friendly must be preferred as they do not cause pollution.
  5. Non-toxic- the solvents should be non-toxic in nature. If in any case, your skin is sensitive, it won’t be of any harm.
  6. Non-inflammable- inflammable solvents can be dangerous and should be avoided.


Types of Solvents

On the basis of the different types of available solvents, it might be easier to figure out which solvent to use for gun cleaning.

  • Liquid solvents: These are the regular solvents that are most widely used. Solvents are the core ingredient of the gun cleaning session. One thing to take care is to go for safe packaging. The liquid solvents usually last for a long time and people do not prefer risking on a glass bottle.
  • Foaming solvents: The foaming solvents are just similar to sprays and foams which can be sprayed on the gun body to clean it deep inside and also the areas that are tough to be reached.
  • Aerosol solvent: These are liquefied gas sprays which come in spray cans. They are packaged in a special way by applying pressure and covering its head with a valve. Whenever it is opened, the aerosol solvent is pushed out due to the pressure. They must be well shaken before use and are equally effective.

There are a number of brands which are popular in the market for cleaning the gun parts. The most widely used are No. 9 Hoppe’s, M-Pro7, CLP, Slip2000 and many others. Deciding on the basis of required features can help find which solvent to use for gun cleaning.


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