How To Buy Table Tennis Equipment like Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

The game of table tennis has gained immense popularity all over the world, particularly in China. This can be attributed to the easy gameplay and engaging rules of the game.

One of the most important equipment is the table tennis racket. The Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket is the dream tracker that most accomplished use and amateurs aspire to use. With this racket, you get integrated carbon layer inside the blade that makes the racket sturdier to grip and provides the immense balance too. The use of nanocomposite technology in the production creates stronger bonds which provide the speed and spin that you want. For maximum elasticity and superb control, this racket is preferred by many.

The pros at table tennis actually look out to assembling table tennis rackets sometimes.Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

You stand to be more in control of the specifications of your racket if you have bought both the rubbers and blade individually. Choose a blade, according to the official rules of table tennis, the racket must be made of at least 85% of natural wood. Rest of the composition can be of carbon fiber, analyze and glass fiber. These materials can help you adjust the speed, spin, accuracy, and ball feel.

Carbon fiber enables you to hit those fast smashes as it provides a strong framework to the racket.

The number of plies (layers) of wood that you would want books down to whether you play an offensive or defensive game with the more the plies, the more racket is suitable for attacking style.

The weight of the blade determines the kind of gameplay the racket is suitable for. A blade of weight less than 77 grams is suitable for fast players who like to keep their racket closer to the table. On the other hand, more spin and power is generated by a racket that us heavier.

Handle for the grip

There are a lot of different handles for you to choose from, flared handles provide a solid grip for forehand players. It is also highly flexible. Anatomic is pretty much the same as above. It has an engraving in the center for optimum grip. Straight handle works best for backhand and defense-centric players. Allows for optimum use of wrist for flipping the racket.

Penholder is called so because it is gripped like a pen and works brilliantly for the powerful attacking style. Rubber is the key, the spin, speed, and control of the ball are affected by the thickness of rubber.

These are two different types of thickness:

  1. Thin sponge: Thickness is less than 2 mm. Consolidates control but speed is less.
  2. Thick sponge: Thickness is more than 2 mm. More spin but control is lower.

You require two sheets of rubber for both sides of the racket. Get it trimmed and glued to both faces. The rubbers deteriorate as time goes on. Get it replaced every now and then for better results.

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