How To Buy And Take Care Of A Siamese Fighting Fish Tank

The Siamese fighting fishes are those which are very territorial. They are never put in the same tank. They will start fighting for the territory and may even end up killing each other. You will end up having one of them or even none. Even one male and one female cannot be kept inside one single Siamese fighting fish tank unless you decide to breed them. Even in that case, you need to monitor them properly. These fishes are available in various colors like red, blue, yellow, copper and many more.

Buying and taking care of the fish tankSiamese fighting fish tank

The female Siamese fishes are usually let inside the tank only with very small and calm fishes but still, there are chances of them becoming aggressive anytime. The first time you bring a fish to put in the same tank, it is adviced that you keep a close watch for up to 72 hours. It is better to have another tank in case of any emergencies. The size of a Siamese fighting fish tank should be such that it can hold nearly 5 gallons of water. Some may even require more. You can calculate it this way. One inch of the fish will require up to one gallon of water. Putting even a slightly aggressive fish can cause a lot of problems inside the tank. These fishes prefer to live in an aquarium with a lot of plants. They prefer living in a natural surrounding. You can also decorate and make it more creative by adding caves and so on. Most of these fishes tend to come to the top to breathe. They are labyrinth breathers (their gills do not breath enough and so they come to the surface to get some atmospheric oxygen) so you must leave an air gap between the top of the water and the top of the Siamese fighting fish tank. They need a temperature of up to 76˚ F for survival. In case you do not have that temperature in your place, you may have to get a heater. It is better if you have a small lid to allow feeding. There are also tanks available with LED lights that remind you to change the cartridge. You should make it look perfect.

Whatever it is, you need to clean the tank every now and then as it is very important that the fishes live in a clean environment. These are available with different capacities and are very beautiful to look at. The filtration should not be strong or week. It should be perfect. You must also check of the wires can be hidden and hence your place can look even better. Just make sure the Siamese fighting fish tank you buy is perfect for your wish and the place where you are placing it. The material used to make the fish tank should also be the most suitable for your Siamese fish. There are a lot of different varieties of the fish tanks available. There are a million companies that make fish tanks. Get the best fish tank and take very good care of it.

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